Kemalism : After the Ottomans

Uyarı: Yüce Önder Atatürk hakkında pek hoş şeyler söylenmediğini hemen söyleyelim ve tamamen yorumsuz intihal yaptığımızı belirtelim. Benim vaktim boş diyenler tercüme yaparlarsa, tercümeleri de intihalleriz efendim.

Kemalism : After the Ottomans
Perry Anderson

‘The greatest single truth to declare itself in the wake of 1989,’ J.G.A. Pocock wrote two years afterwards,

is that the frontiers of ‘Europe’ towards the east are everywhere open and indeterminate. ‘Europe’, it can now be seen, is not a continent – as in the ancient geographers’ dream – but a subcontinent: a peninsula of the Eurasian landmass, like India in being inhabited by a highly distinctive chain of interacting cultures, but unlike it in lacking a clearly marked geophysical frontier. Instead of Afghanistan and the Himalayas, there are vast level areas through which conventional ‘Europe’ shades into conventional ‘Asia’, and few would recognise the Ural mountains if they ever reached them. (daha&helliip;)

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